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Premieres coming to an end…

September 28, 2010

With season and series premieres coming to an end, I will likely not be commenting on every single episode of every show I watch going forward, due to a combination of lack of time and the fact that  there is not always something noteworthy to say about each episode.  I’ll write an entry if I feel I have something worth writing down.


I watch a lot of TV

September 9, 2010

Sometime shortly after the beginning of the Fall 2009 season, I started to become aware of the fact that I was watching an awful lot of TV.  Sure enough, after calculating it out, I discovered that on any given week where all the shows I regularly watch are new, I was watching 13 hours of television.  Granted, this is still apparently lower than the average American (studies indicate that the average American might watch more than 30 hours of TV per week), and some of what I calculated hardly seemed like watching TV at all (an hour of Daily Show/Colbert Report flies by so quickly that you can barely tell you’re watching 4 hours of it per week).   Yet, the numbers didn’t lie: the fact of the matter was that I was dedicating a pretty significant amount of my time on watching TV.  In my mind, it sounded like a lot of time wasted on a passive activity.

Well, here it is, one year later, and the number has been bumped up to 15 (10.5 hours of returning shows, 4.5 of new ones).  The number will fluctuate, depending on how many of the new shows I decide to keep watching (and how many other new ones I decide to pick up instead), but the fact remains: I’m still watching a shitload of TV.  And so, in an effort to be a bit more productive and intellectual about my bad habits, here is my attempt to log and comment on everything I will be watching this season.  Hopefully I’ve got something interesting to say.