It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – 6.02: Dennis Gets Divorced

“Excuse me, hi, what is the recommended amount of money for one to make it rain?” – mac

There were two scenes in this episode I really liked.  The first took place in a strip club and featured Mac doing dancing in his seat in a fashion that can only be described as holding the handlebars on a motorcycle.  Charlie tries to copy the dance, leading to some arguing between the guys over how best to do the dance.  It’s a simple scene that only lasts a few seconds and doesn’t become too heated, but I love the natural back-and-forth between the guys while they argue over who’s doing the dance better and why it doesn’t matter if it’s not the right way to drive a motorcycle.  It really plays into the natural traits of each of the characters, and even though Mac gets annoyed, it’s a nice reminder that the four of them are at heart friends, even if they would screw each other over in a heartbeat for some personal gain.  For a show as chaotic as this, it’s nice to see the small moments every now and then.

The other scene I liked involved Dee coming home and discovering the married man she’s been sleeping with waiting in the hallway, along with a couple suitcases.  The man proceeds to describe his predicament (“I decided to come clean to my wife”), only to have a completely clueless Dee just laugh it off (“Ouch…bet you wish you could take that one back, huh?”), not even realizing the reason why he is at her door.  It’s another small moment, but Kaitlin Olson really sells both the obliviousness of why the man is at her door and the sudden unpleasant realization when he asks if he can crash on her couch for a while.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal and hilarious episode of It’s Always Sunny:  kidnapped children, messy divorces, and a creepy lawyer who has a weird obsession with hands, children, and keeps taking pictures “for the website.”  It’s hilarious because it’s completely bizarre and very little attempt at explanation is made.



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