Survivor: Nicaragua – 21.02: Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All

“Can we vote?” – Fabio

Well, that certainly was a lot of crazy we were just exposed to.  Holly on the Espada tribe gets worked up over some overheard comments and decides to essentially ruin an expensive pair of shoes by filling them with sand and throwing them in the ocean.  Then, feeling the stinging pains of guilt, she decides to call a tribe meeting to confess her crimes and manages to come off looking like a complete lunatic.  Yikes.  Meanwhile, the La Flor tribe get beaten at the immunity challenge and are sent to tribal council, where Shannon proceed to completely go off to everyone about everything, calling Chase unloyal, Brenda untrustworthy, and for some reason, Sash gay.  At the same time, Naonka spends the entire episode being self-centered and judgmental after thinking someone stole her socks and decides for some reason that she just doesn’t like Fabio (Jud…ugh, I hate that they officially made his name Fabio) and takes that attitude all the way to tribal, mouthing off the entire time.  Jesus.  Usually it takes a few weeks to get to this point of openly yelling at each other during tribal council, or even outside of tribal council for that matter.  The first few episodes are supposed to be just about getting rid of the weak tribemates who can’t contribute to challenges well enough.  And yet, here we are on episode 2 and we’ve already got people running their mouths off at tribal council.  Shannon especially dug himself into an even deeper hole with his ranting and raving about loyalty and trustworthiness and basically taking an accusatory stance the entire time.  It’s not quite clear what the voting spread was to be going into tribal council, but I would not be surprised if some people changed their minds right then and there about who they were going to vote off.  Looks like there’s going to be quite a bit of drama on La Flor in the upcoming weeks.

I guess more stuff happened in the episode.  Some scattered thoughts:

-I was appreciative that Naonka at least admitted that she was dead wrong about Kelly B and her prosthetic leg.
-Pretty surprised that Brenda was identified as a threat this early on and was on the chopping block.  I’m glad that it shows the youngun’s are thinking long and hard about the game, but I hope she sticks around for at least a little longer.  She’s entertaining and good eye candy.
-Nice job finding the immunity idol, Marty, but dammit Jill, don’t just give someone else the answer to the clue and then walk away expecting them to find it and share it with you.  You want to be in control of the thing, not leave it up to someone else!

Who I’m rooting for: I still like Marty.  He’s got that car salesman look in his eyes, but he seems pretty intelligent.  I’m also going to add Brenda to my rooting list, for reasons listed above.

Who will win: Brenda’s already been identified as a thread, so I doubt she’ll make it all the way to the end.  At this point, I’m going to say Marty. He’s shown himself to have some smarts, identifying the wisdom of letting Jimmy Johnson take the leadership role and not being seen as a target.  Plus, he has the idol.  I still get good vibes from Yve, but until she says more, I’m going to have to hold off on predicting her as the winner.



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