How I Met Your Mother – 6.01: Big Days

“This, what you’re doing right now?  I’m getting a de-rection.” – Barney

I’m going in to this new season a bit cold, because I actually haven’t seen the entirety of Season 5 yet, which could have been a problem since HIMYM actually does have a good deal of continuity involved in it.  Thankfully, most of the major threads were reviewed when introducing each character again in the season: Lily and Marshall trying to have a kid, Robin getting out of a relationship, and Ted…well, still looking for that damn mother.  How long has it been, Ted, 6 years?  Did you really need to tell your kids about all that crap in the many many years before you met their mom.  Just get to meeting the mom already, dammit.  …And it looks like we will!  We actually start off this latest season with a very promising forwarding of the plot by having Ted reveal exactly where he met his kids’ mother.

The rest of the episode was enjoyable enough.  The main plot involved Ted trying to talk to a girl at a bar that turned out to be a friend of one of his exes.  Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall get in an argument about keeping the attempts to get pregnant secret, Robin spends the episode being a slob in the aftermath of her breakup, and Barney is…well he’s Barney.  Not a whole lot goes on in the episode, and the bit with Robin seems a bit shoe-horned in (in the last few minutes of the episode, she all of a sudden decides to turn it back on and start dressing like an attractive young woman again), but it was also full of funny bits of dialogue and a clever twist at the end.  Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to the promise that we might just get to finally meet the mother this season (unless, y’know, we just spend the rest of the season on wild goose chases again.  Whatever.)

Meanwhile, it’s weird to see Lyndsy Fonseca on two shows, especially since the footage they use on this show is the same clip they’ve been using since Season 2.  She looks so much younger, she must have been like 18 or something.

Also, nice shirt Lily indeed.



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