The Event – 1.01: I Haven’t Told You Everything

“They saved us” – Sophia

I missed the whole Lost phenomenon over the last few years, so I was somewhat intrigued by the prospect of a new serial thriller/mystery series that would keep me excited, confused, and guessing.  And with the way the show has been being hyped over the past few weeks, I figured I’d at least have to watch the premiere since everyone else was probably going to as well.  The ads did a good job of selling the show as a suspenseful mystery that would keep us glued week after week.  Sign me up!

Well, the premiere has come and gone, and…well, not to go for the super-obvious joke here, but for a show called The Event, it just wasn’t terribly eventful.  The show began with a man on the run.  We don’t know whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy, but we do know that he’s being hunted by what looks like some kind of authority or enforcement agency.  We’re given his background over the course of the episode.  His very detailed background.  We learn that he’s in love, he’s trying to propose to his girlfriend, he meets some people while on vacation, his girlfriend mysteriously disappears on the cruise ship they were staying on…..aaaand suddenly he’s on a plane and trying to keep the pilot from crashing into the president’s retreat, killing the first family.  Oh yeah, and the pilot is his girlfriend’s dad for some reason.  And also the plane mysteriously disappears seconds before hitting it’s target.  In Lost, the plane crashed, and here, the plane didn’t crash.  I see what you did there, NBC.

In the end, we’re not even sure what “The Event” is.  Was it the mysterious disappearance of the plane?  Is it something else that will happen at a date TBD?  I guess that’s the point?  I get that they’re trying to build suspense and trying to surround everything in a shroud of mystery to keep us intrigued, but I felt like what they did in this episode, they could have done in a half hour, trimming some scenes and perhaps saving some others for future episodes, and instead give us more exposition.  I’d be more interested in trying to find out what happened if you show me more of what happened.  I’m reminded of how I felt about Flashforward last season:  I’m interested, but I’m not excited.  The bad news is that it took me a few episodes to feel that way about Flashforward, whereas I already feel that way about The Event after a single episode.  There’s a lot to be built upon and there’s an exciting show in there somewhere, for sure, but the pacing of the episodes better pick up pretty soon, or this show is going to start seriously dragging.  The characters seem fun and likeable enough; I certainly wasn’t tired of any of them after an hour.  Show them doing more things!

I’m reminded that some of my favorite shows take a few episodes to get into their natural swing and rhythm, so I’ll be sticking by this show just to see whether things improve.  We’ll see how things turn out.



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