Nikita – 1.02: “2.0”

“Dude, when you create your own software that owns access to every government and law enforcement agency in the world, you can call it whatever the hell you want.  Shadownet: taste the rainbow.” – Birkhoff

This week’s episode presents us with Division trying to protect (and at the same time, exploit) a Slavic political leader (Mirco Dadich) accused of war crimes, and Nikita attempting to thwart them using her contact on the inside, Alex.  The whole thing should go off without a hitch, except that a group of mercenaries manage to kidnap the leader, disrupting plans on both sides.  We are also given glimpses of how Nikita and Alex met and why they are working together.

Overall, I enjoyed the action and plot turns of the episode, but I found the format to already be a bit formulaic.  “In this mission-of-the-week, Nikita tries to stop the evil government agency by foiling their evil plans.  Things come to a head near the end, but Nikita wins the day and successfully outwits her adversaries.”  Enjoyable, yes, but somewhat predictable.  The whole thing ends with all three factions colliding at a subway station, leading to another brief reunion between Michael and Nikita, in which she gets away.  I’m not sure how many times I’m going to be able to buy Michael continually running into Nikita at the climactic shootout at the end of the episode, only to have her get away (and successfully thwart Division) in the end.  They’re both supposed to be highly trained professionals, so you’d think that eventually he’d be able to see her coming and catch her.  I give it a pass because it’s only the second episode (and because the action was pretty good), but there’s going to have to be a few episodes where Nikita stays one step ahead of Division the entire time (as well as perhaps a few where she slips up and almost gets caught).  I’m still enjoying the show and will continue to watch, but am wary of what could possibly be a format that gets tiresome.  Hopefully, there is a larger plan at play that unfolds.



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